PL/B Software Development Services

About Adjacency Inc.

Adjacency specializes in developing and maintaining applications for the DATABUS, PL/B, and DB/C communities. For over 20 years, our team of highly-qualified PL/B developers has been providing support and programming services clients across the globe, and working to further the PL/B community at large.

Whether your PL/B applications were written for RMS, DOS, Windows, or a Unix flavor, we can help take them to the next level. We not only develop fully native PL/B applications, but use our broader industry expertise to integrate other technologies as needed to keep up with current trends. Our PL/B applications are running on not only on Windows and Linux machines, but also iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices and Sunbelt and Apache web servers.

Adjacency also develops middleware to breathe new life into PL/B systems which have grown a little long in the tooth. We have years of experience creating PL/B APIs to enable applications using just about any programming language to connect to and retrieve information from ISAM and AAM based databases. Our JSON API system is used to connect PL/B programs with big iron mainframes, cloud-based Python and PHP apps, and other remote PL/B apps. We believe that PL/B has a strong future and we work hard to position our clients for success without migrating them away from the decades' worth of value they have stored in their PL/B source code.


Adjacency knows PL/B. It's been our life-blood for decades. While we can still develop for the Datapoint 2200, we have dedicated ourselves to continually growing our knowledge base. We can take DATABUS code and plan a migration path to move it to the cloud, run on iPhones, or just about anything else you can imagine. Modern PL/B provides many options to leverage the Internet of Things and to work cooperatively with just about any software out there. We can show you how.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of hours writing, debugging, compiling, and testing code. GUI code. Front-end Web code. RMS code. Headless code. You name it, we've probably coded it. Grain testing? Check. International logistics? Also check. Rocket science with NASA? Yep, coded that too.

What Adjacency Develops:
  • Legacy analysis and maintenance for DB/C, PL/B, and DATABUS
  • GUI applications for Windows (conversions and new development)
  • Websites and e-commerce stores
  • Android, iOS, and Windows apps
  • Embedded devices (Internet of Things)
  • RF, WiFi, and cellular networking
  • Open-source/FOSS solutions


We have considerable expertise in planning, creating, and implementing PL/B applications for Windows and the Web. Just because we've developed a product doesn't mean our work is done. We have practical experience in deploying applications across the entire enterprise - even when that enterprise is multinational! We know how to leverage I.T. infrastructure to make sure you get the most from your systems. We are also familiar with the challenges of implementing solutions across time zones and international borders, including providing multilingual software and support. We will always be programmers first, but to build world class systems, we've invested the time to learn plenty of other skills to make sure we are the best, most well rounded PL/B development team in the world.


We don’t stop at delivery. We support every system we build and/or recommend on a 24x7x365 basis. That's just a part of our philosophy. In fact, the name "Adjacency" refers to our desire to be at the side of our clients, available whenever we are needed. When you choose Adjacency, you'll never be left holding the bag. Our clients put their trust in us to manage their business-critical systems, and we acknowledge that it is an awesome responsibility which we treat with the utmost respect.


International Finance

London, United Kingdom/San Francisco, CA: Software projects specializing in flexible and sophisticated back-office accounting systems for brokerage firms and commodities dealers. Adjacency has been working select clients within the industry for many years, augmenting their expertise in accounting systems with our integration techniques, ensuring interoperability with third party systems from companies such as Microsoft, DeutscheBank, and Barclays.

Automotive Logistics

North America: Adjacency was approached to create a system for field reporting standards and safety evaluations and audits. The requirements were to create a mobile application for collecting the data, a web-based reporting and monitoring site, and an ISAM/AAM based NoSQL database. The system was written in 100% PL/B using the Sunbelt runtimes.

PL/B Training

Tyler, Texas: Adjacency's founder has worked with Sunbelt, providing development training in their DOS and Windows products. Adjacency also developed the first (and as far as we know only) developer's guide and training course in writing web-based apps with PL/B. The PL/B language is our passion, and we do our part to grow the community by staying connected to PL/B users groups, attending conferences, and building relationships with fellow developers.

Retail/Supply Chain

New York: When one of America’s fastest growing clothing stores could not keep up with their I.T. demands as new store openings exploded, Adjacency assisted in implementing an enhanced inventory and supply system and in integrating it with their legacy point-of-sale system. The system has been deployed to over 200 locations and connected in real-time to the chain's corporate headquarters.

Contact Adjacency

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our designs, inquire about our products and services, or to just say hello!